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Investing like a Nobel Prize winner

By December 14, 2022March 14th, 202310x10, 2022, Article

10×10, December 2022

Investing like a Nobel Prize winner:
Doing one thing without neglecting the other

Some might say that it is important to do one thing and imperative to do another; AGFIF’s entire portfolio strategy is based on two pillars, the classic equity analysis and portfolio management rules, and the algorithm based on the fundamentals of the theory of Behavioural Finance. 

Creating and managing a perfect investment portfolio is like winning the lottery – in other words, almost impossible. An investor already wins a great deal if, firstly, he does not shy away from pain and, secondly, does not remain stubborn. In this sense we can answer the question “Can you do it”? With “Yes”.

Readers of this column in the German edition of 10×10 (a German Finance Magazin) know that we at AGFIF International have been incorporating the theories of behavioral finance into our investment approaches and strategies for ages. So what wonder if we have embraced the insights of Daniel Kahneman, the famous behavioral economist and Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahnemann, who is also a psychologist, turned a doctrine of rational and efficient markets with his Prospect Theory.

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10x10 Investing like a Nobel Prize winner

10×10 Investing like a Nobel Prize winner