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Our Investment Approach

More and more new financial products are entering the financial market – more and more expertise in the analysis of such investments are demanded.

AGFIF combines its own expertise
with the expertise of third parties

In regards of stock analysis and equity research, AGFIF complements its own know-how with that of selected stock analysts.

Our research effort brings together the perspectives of a diverse range of inhouse experts and external analysts with valuable fundamental and quantitative as well as economic inputs and glide path experts. The common focus of our inhouse experts and the external specialists are on delivering better investment solutions and results for our clients.

It is that extraordinary collaboration of various professional opinions, with partly different perspectives, which distinguishes us from other asset managers and determine the optimal tactical and strategic asset allocation and value add – A more advanced way to carefully manage the assets entrusted to us by our clients.

Financial markets are becoming more complex - a major challenge that is becoming increasingly demanding.

Our primary task is to assess the opportunities correctly and to build a solid investment strategy based on those assessments.

In order to select the most rewarding investment strategy from the increasingly complex financial markets, a great deal of specialist and knowledge is needed and required – AGFIF has both! In particular via a wide network of specialists in the respective asset classes.

“Success is that you have exactly the skills that are in demand at the moment.”

Henry Ford

It is our duty to identify and offer you the best financial investments available.

We can successfully unbiased follow this selection process because we do not have own financial products, neither we distribute financial products and are therefore not subject to any conflicts of interest as most of our competitors.

To meet this requirement the research-based innovations of the Swiss Banking Institute at the University of Zurich, headed by Prof. Dr. Hens of great benefit. We have unlimited access to this expertise – Prof. Dr. Hens is on our advisory board. The experience of Prof. Dr. Schhips is another valuable asset, the former Head of the Swiss Economic Research Institute (KOF) at ETH Zurich, support us wiht additional valuable inputs, as to how economic development correlates and influences our decisions.

We combine our broad expertise with the power of a coordinated approach to achieve better investment results for you.

There is no substitute for first-hand delivered equity research, which is why we also work with proven research economists.

Equity Analysts

IWe work with a broad network of specialists in stock analysis and market research.

It is not just about using your own professional competencies and skills, which undoubtedly we do have, but rather how to deal with a lot of information and various opinions and how to filter them and how to use them at the end. For this reason, the involvement of external specialists is necessary.

A team-based exchange of information in decision-making can lead to better and more reliable investment results.

The data obtained are collected and examined again, including from our investment committee. In particular through Dr. Perger, who often writes his own analyzes, about well-known Swiss companies that cite the media, including CNNmoney. A well-known specialist newspaper writes:

“Dr. Perger leaves the reader with his analytical mind behind the scenes and beyond the headlines“.

What has the greatest importance in our work?

Capital preservation is a top priority

The capital preservation of the clients’ assets have a top priority for us. We take great importance to our proven risk management.

We therefore believe that our conservative and risk-averse approach to managing the assets entrusted to us has proven itself over many years. A strategy that helps on the one hand to preserve the assets and on the other hand aims to reduce volatility with the aim of increasing earnings.

Value creation & risk management

We believe that an active asset management using a robust, quantitative analysis and qualitative insights, can deliver superior risk-adjusted returns across multiple market cycles for our clients.

The ultimate goal in the investment process is to build an efficient portfolio of equities with the expectation to outperform the benchmark returns, even under different market conditions and without taking excessive risk as well.

Compliant with investment guidelines

The investment guidelines are essential for the client. This guidlines is the framwork for AGFIF what we are able to do and will determine the direction of our actions. 

The investment guidelines are developed together with the customer very carefully and serve as guidline to structure the investment portfolio in accordance with the customer risk profile.

AGFIF reserves the right to review the investment portfolio periodically or depending on market developments and to adjust it if necessary in consultation with the customer.

AGFIF always pays great attention to the long-term view of the investment objective, defined by the client.

Investments that cover all asset classes

With our strong risk-adjusted investment philosophy, we work with a network of independent equity analysts and well-known economists, even at different geographical locations, in order to enhance the opportunities on the global financial markets.

Transparent and comprehensible

We do not order any standardized financial product, but we put together a tailor-made, individual portfolio suitable for our customers.