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We are an independent firm, beholden only to our clients’ interests.

Our clients place their trust in us, and our wealth management professionals are devoted to honoring and building upon that trust.

The client is at the center of our wealth management

1)   By placing our clients at the center of our wealth management philosophy, we are able to offer truly independent advisory services free of any conflicts or constraints.

2)  Building our clients’ wealth is a truly mutual undertaking. We feel the same responsibility toward our clients’ assets as we do toward our own.

Maik Loosli und Patrick Chmilewski bei AGFIF
Anton Meyer, Eugen Perger bei Arbeit, at the Desk at AGFIF

Cooperation and Order Execution

“Short-term success is nice, but long-term success the only thing that counts in the end.”

-- Gregor Gielen, finance scientist

Our Promises to You

We offer responsive, efficient asset-management services that preserve our clients’ wealth while investing for the long haul.

Your assets always remain with the bank, broker, or other financial institution with which you feel most comfortable. We never assert direct control over your assets, and our only compensation is related to our management of your portfolio and its performance.

We Are All in the Same Boat

Our goals are aligned with those of our clients: secure long-term growth, responsive communication, and mutual respect. Building wealth takes time, and so does building relationships. We are committed to achieving both.