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Company history and structure

Our focus was to grow together with our customer’s right from the start – we have more than succeeded in 20 years!“

AGFIF origin / history

The initiators and management of AGFIF International AG came together in the late 1990s. As a result, an asset management company based in Zurich was founded in 2004 under the name AGFIF International AG.

Since then, the company has developed strategies for a sophisticated private clientele based on classic wealth management, including strategies that minimize risks and seize opportunities in an efficient portfolio.

The company also carries out advisory mandates for institutional clients.

Our Growth

The organic structure (through our own staff) was supplemented by cooperation with leading specialists in stock analysis, research and portfolio management in order to achieve optimal results in the increasingly complex market structures.
As a result, the entrusted assets could be managed very sustainably and solidly. AGFIF International AG can guarantee a client a better and more comprehensive service than is possible for a large number of competitors, hampered by their foundations and structures.

Interview with Mojmir Hlinka, CEO and Anton Meyer VR on the group's 20th anniversary

„From the beginning, our focus was on growing together with our customers, which we succeeded in doing,” says Anton Meyer.

“We did not focus on becoming the largest company, but started out small and eventually built up our services and customer base over time, concentrating on manageably limiting the number of customers in order to offer every customer a comprehensive service to be able to.

This limited our growth, but we feel like a big family with our customers, ”says co-owner and co-founder Mojmir Hlinka, and continues:“ The financial industry has seen a number of changes over the past 20 years. While it is one thing to constantly face and adapt to new challenges, it is another to continue to achieve the highest standards in managing the assets entrusted to us for our customers.

The talent and commitment of our employees, the investment committee and our loyal customers made this possible.”

20 jähriges Firmenjubiläum der AGFIF mit M. Hlinka (CEO) und Anton Meyer (VR) der AGFIF International AG

“I think the key to success lies in the transparency, honesty and verifiability of our performance," said Mojmir Hlinka. "We do what we say, focusing on the needs of our customers.”

Mojmir Hlinka

We attribute the success of the company to the “trust our customers have in us”. Mojmir Hlinka said that he and his team are “grateful for the opportunity to advise a growing number of demanding families, business owners and institutional companies looking for solid and robust wealth management and investment advice that is tailored to their needs.”

"Our ability to combine careful investment advice with well-designed investment portfolios has enabled our clients to weather some of the toughest market and economic periods of the past two decades," added Anton Meyer.

Anton Meyer

“We attribute the success of the company to the innovative approach of AGFIF International AG to run the company and the ability of the AGFIF team to anticipate the next challenge or opportunity,” adds Anton Meyer and continues, “This is a real strength of AGFIF, especially in the constantly changing market environment.”