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Our commitment to superior client services is born of experience and passion.

Our customers expect thorough communication and impeccable attention to detail. Our portfolio managers expect the same of themselves, and are committed to delivering highly tailored financial services to each client.

Together, our wealth management team has well over 100 years of experience delivering the results our clients expect and deserve. As our clients’ assets have grown, so has our clientele.

Anton Meyer (VR) AGFIF International AG
Chairman of the Board of Directors at AGFIF

Anton Meyer

Anton Meyer has extensive professional experience in finance and accounting, which also bring significant benefits to customers.
In addition, Anton Meyer also deals with special tasks related to compliance issues, with corporate governance rules or compliance guidelines.
Anton Meyer held various positions in reputable Swiss companies, among a close assistant position with the former President of the Swiss Confederation, and Finance Minister of Switzerland. Anton Meyer is an accounting expert.
Emeritus Professor for Economics at ETH Zurich

Bernd Schips

Bernd Schips served as Full Professor of Economics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH) and was Head of the Swiss Institute of Business Cycle Research at the ETH Zurich (The Swiss Institute for Business Cycle Research – KOF – produces one of the most widely respected Swiss economic forecasts).
He was a member of the board of directors of the Swiss Society for Statistics and Economics.

He serves as Member of Scientific Advisory Council at Zentrum für Europäische Wirtschaftsforschung GmbH and serves as a Member of the Investment Advisory Board at AGFIF.

From 1993 to 1999, he was a member of the Advisory Board of the ifo-Institute in Munich.

Since 1994, he has been a member of the scientific advisory board of the Center for European Economic Research at the University of Mannheim. From 1995 to 1997, he was Head of the Law and Economics Department at the ETH Zurich. From 1994 to 1996, he chaired the Federal Board of Economic Advisers (Eidgenössische Kommission für Konjunkturfragen, KfK), of which he was a member from 1980 to 1996. Since 2000, he has been President of CIRET [Centre for International Research on Economic (Tendency) Surveys].

Professor of Financial Market Economics at the Swiss Banking Institute of the University of Zurich

Thorsten Hens

Thorsten Hens is the SFI Professor of Financial Market Economics at the Swiss Banking Institute of the University of Zurich.

Thorsten Hens is a Swiss Finance Institute Professor of Financial Economics at the University of Zurich and Adjunct Professor of Finance at NHH.

He was awarded his PhD (1992) and his habilitation (1996) at Bonn University. Before joining the University of Zurich in 1999, Hens held a professorship in Bielefeld, Germany and was a Visiting Professor at Paris and Stanford.

In addition, Prof. Hens is active as advisor of the pension fund of the city of Zurich and part of an exclusive group of scientific advisors of AGFIF and a leading scientist in Behavioral Finance and Neuro Finance to provide the Management Board with expert advice on performing its duties at AGFIF.

Hens has published more than fifty peer reviewed journal articles (among other in Econometrica, Review of Economic Studies, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Review of Finance) and is the co-author of seven books on various topics in financial economics.
He is an author of several books, among them the book published in 2010 “Behavioral Finance for Private Banking “.

Hens's main research areas are behavioral and evolutionary finance. In his behavioral finance research he analyses the typical mistakes investors make and then develops tools to avoid them. In his evolutionary finance research, he studies the interaction of investment strategies in order to determine properties for their long run survival.

Mojmir Hlinka CEO AGFIF
Dipl Finance and investment expert AZEK by the Swiss Confederation.

Mojmir Hlinka

CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and Head of Investment Committee at AGFIF

Mojmir Hlinka is a Member of various Asset Management Associations among Swiss Financial Analysts Association SFAA.

BILANZ, the Swiss business magazine, made the following summary in MONEYMAKER:

"Growing up in Ostrava in a family of physicians, Mojmir Hlinka's path seemed to be set. But because his parents advocated more civil rights, the family had to flee Czechoslovakia for Germany. Mojmir Hlinka was 14 at the time and couldn't speak a word of German. "From hero to zero," he says today.

Instead of medicine, he then studied psychology and pedagogy. With fellow students, they invested in stocks like Yahoo for the first time. This was so successful that Hlinka built up a small asset management business alongside his studies.

Later, he had the offer from Zurich to do this in Switzerland after all. Hlinka took his small portfolio of clients and moved to Switzerland, where he still lives today, now happily married to a Swiss national and is father of two children. For almost 20 years he has been running AGFIF International, the first asset manager in Switzerland to use stock market psychology in its investments. With twelve employees, around one billion Swiss francs are managed in this way.

Hlinka only gradually realized how valuable the study of psychology is for understanding herd behavior on the financial markets.

The discipline of stock market psychology or behavioral finance only began to establish itself a little over 20 years ago. A milestone was the 2002 Nobel Prize for Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky's "Prospect Theory. It made decisions in risky situations more understandable and also made a strong impression on Hlinka.

His acquaintance with behavioral finance professor Thorsten Hens during his "AZEK" expert training further intensified the subject. Together with Hens, Hlinka developed an equity strategy based on Kahneman's theory. The program evaluates whether a stock's price is influenced more by momentum and psychology or more by fundamentals - for Hlinka "the crucial question on the stock market". So far, 56 percent of the buy recommendations are correct, 58 percent of the sell recommendations. Enough to be profitable in the markets. "Behavioral finance is not a ticket to print money, but it is exceedingly useful," says Hlinka.

Mojmir Hlinka, holds a Federal diploma by the Swiss Confederation for expert in finance and investments/CIWM. Mr. Hlinka is the Managing Director and Head of the AGFIF Asset Allocation Team where he is responsible for the overall business of AGFIF. Together with his team, Mojmir Hlinka he is in charge of the daily asset allocation of equities, fixed income markets and in macroeconomics and has a long history of working closely with Prof. Schips und Prof. Hens, and had enhanced the overall return in portfolios based on some of the academic theories they successfully in volatile markets implemented.

Mojmir Hlinka is a Member of various Asset Management Associations among Swiss Financial Analysts Association SFAA.

Dr Eugen Perger
Economists at the University of Zurich

Eugen Perger

Eugen Perger, holds a PhD in Economics (Dr.oec. publ.) from the University of Zurich and is responsible for the Asset Allocation and Portfolio Management. He is also a well regarded senior equity analyst (buy and sell side).

Eugen Perger has more than 20 years experience in Banking; as a fund manager in major Banks as well as positions in various Swiss bank’s asset allocation Team, among being a Member of the reputable Asset Management Comitee of the American International Group (AIG) Bank in Switzerland and Credit Suisse.

Eugen is mainly in charge of AGFIF's Research (Primary Research). His research interests include asset pricing and market efficiency and stock valuation, among behavioral finance and market efficiency. Dr. Perger conducts a specific in-depth market research to support AGFIF’s investment strategies. He is also AGFIF's lead portfolio manager for selected active equity portfolios.

Dr. Perger regularly writes well regarded reviews about known companies, mostly Swiss Equities.

Partner, Attorney at Law, LL.M., Certified Tax Expert

Alexia Rambosson, LL.M

Alexia Rambosson is on the Advisory Board of AGFIF International AG and advises individuals and companies in the fields of Swiss and international tax law, pension, succession and banking law.

Her expertise extends to family governance advice. She has experience as a board member in companies, pension foundations and family offices. In addition, she advises on specific internal tax, compliance and banking law issues for banks, asset managers and family offices.

She publishes and speaks at conferences in her areas of expertise.

2011-2017 Head Wealth Planning with Bank Lombard Odier & Co. Ltd., Zurich
2008-2011 Head Wealth Structuring with Bank Julius Bär & Co. Ltd., Zurich.
2005-2008 Deputy Head Tax Team Wealth Planning and Executive Director Wealth Engineering Team with UBS Ltd., Zurich.
2003 LL.M. in Banking and Finance with the London School of Economics in London
2002 Swiss Certified Tax Expert
2000-2005 Associate with Homburger Attorneys, Zurich
1998-2000 Senior tax lawyer with Arthur Andersen Ltd., Geneva
1997 Admission to the Bar
1995 lic. iur. (University of Geneva) Switzerland.

Rubi Hermann AGFIF International AG
Senior Researcher

Hermann Rubi

Hermann Rubi - Senior Consultant.

Hermann Rubi has built a strong mutually beneficial working relationship with AGFIF's clients for more than 15 years. Hermann Rubi's primary responsibilities include client service and consultant relations to AGFIF's clients. In this role, he works closely with our Portfolio Managers on the investment process, as well as assist the Management in the client portfolio oversight and implementation. Prior joining AGFIF Internatinal Hermann Rubi worked already with international clients in both the Discretionary and Advisory teams. Also he carries out all administrative related tasks required in regards of customer inquiries, and report to the portfolio management.

Professor of Mathematics at University of St. Gallen (HSG)

Enrico De Giorgi

Enrico De Giorgi is Professor of Mathematics at University of St. Gallen. He holds an MS in Mathematics from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich and a PhD in Economics from the University of Zurich. His research interests are decision analysis, behavioural finance and risk theory. Currently, he is Associate Editor of Mathematics and Financial Economics, and Decisions in Economics and Finance.

He is on the Advisory Board and he is a Member of the Investment Committee of AGFIF International AG and also a Founding Partner of Behavioural Finance Solutions Ltd. in Zurich. (The Investment Committee consists of members of the advisory team and members of the Board of Directors of AGFIF)

Editorial Boards
- Decisions in Economics and Finance (Associate Editor)
- Mathematics and Financial Economics (Associate Editor)
- Management Science (Associate Editor)
- Journal of Banking and Finance (Associte Editor)

Daniel Gonzalez AGFIF International AG
Senior Relationship Manager

Daniel Gonzalez

Daniel Gonzalez was in charge among various financial Institutions in the area of guaranteed securities and structured bonds and gained a profound knowledge in the Latin Equity Market.
Daniel Gonzalez was able to collect priceless experience in a number of transactions in very volatile market situations - ultimately to the benefit of the clients. Ever since he is using this valuable experience to handle volatile Markets to the benefit of our clients with focus of asset preservation.
Before joining AGFIF, Daniel Gonzalez worked for many years in the back office at major Swiss financial institutions and service providers.
Patrick Chmilewski AGFIF International AG
Office Clerk, Assistant

Patrick Chmilewski

Patrick Chmilewski is a regular office clerk at AGFIF and work in the company's back office.
Patrick carries out routine work related to the everyday customers' inquiries and provide basic information, mostly by telephone.
Daniel Buser AGFIF International AG
Junior Researcher

Daniel Buser

Daniel Buser has worked for many years in customer service centers in the financial sector as well, after completing his commercial trainings. With his distinctive thinking, he supports customers in all regards about their concern and inquiries.

Daniel Buser is in charge to assist AGFIF's clients with their daily inquiries, regarding questions such as about their portfolio structure and developement r questions about the performance-reports among other crucial information the client may have.

By his helpful nature and commitment, Daniel is very well respected by all of our customers.

Junior Researcher

Maik Loosli

Maik Loosli supports the team as an assistant and junior researcher in all organizational and administrative matters relating to customer service.Maik Loosli joined AGFIF 11 years ago as an Junior Consultant. As a member of our Relationship Management Team, Maik Loosli works closely with our other Relationship Managers and our Portfolio Managers as well. Maik Loosli makes sure that the asset allocationi are align with each client’s requirements.

Maik Loosli stated: "As a child, I always wanted to be an astronaut." - Now Maik is helping customers to experience to 'fly high' in experience and excitment about the service they receive and the returns they achieve.

AGFIF’s wealth management division consists of an in-house team of specialists and a wide network of financial specialists who support our portfolio management services with valuable equity research and analysis.

This approach offers our customers the personalized attention of a dedicated portfolio manager, together with the insights made possible by a global research and analysis network.

You want to become part of our team and have the required professional qualifications. AGFIF is a talent-oriented company. There are several exciting positions available at AGFIF -> take a look at our open positions.


The positive experience our clients express through their many compliments, empower us and are our daily motivation.

Anyone not exposed to conflicts of interest, can deal with the financial markets in an unbiased manner, and represent only my interests and act profit-oriented - Unfortunately, I could not experience this at any bank, but at AGFIF.

Dr. W. M.Zürich

Thank you very much for your dedicated efforts in revising my portfolio at (...) Bank and for optimizing my portfolio's assets.

R. L.Stuttgart

In addition to the personal commitment, my wife and I particularly appreciated the stringency in the implementation of our Portfolio to analyze with meaningful optimizing suggestions - many thanks to the AGFIF team.

Dr. L. B.Wien

We want to thank you for your assistance so far and in particular for the excellent portfolio analysis with the excellent results we have received now, which convinced us completely.

M. ChBasel

We have often changed our advisory bank, but this is absolutely the first time that our expectations were not only met, but also exceeded, so compliments to you again.

R. Bo.Luzern