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AGFIF International

The company specializes in investment advice and asset management.

Because of our independence, we can guarantee that our advice does not serve the interests of third parties, but solely for the benefit and interests of the customer.

Our large global network of financial specialists brings together the right team for your broader financial strategy. This allows us to provide wealth management services that advance your interests on all fronts, from tax issues to estate planning.

AGFIF - Core business

AGFIF analyzes each asset independently and on its own merits, with special attention to the risk/return ratios that drive long-term capital preservation and growth. We specialize in equity portfolios held by customers of investment banks or brokerage houses.

We use unbiased investment processes to identify good and suitable investment opportunities that are tailored to the specific needs of customers.

AGFIF is offering exclusive High Net Worth Portfolio, Estate and Tax Protection Strategies developed over many years. Together, our team has accumulated over 100 years of collective experience in Portfolio Management and Wealth Management – With that combined knowledge and experience, our clients can enhance their wealth and protect their fortune.

Our approach

Customer satisfaction

Behavioural Finance Investment strategy

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Prof. Dr. Thorsten Hens

Behavioural Finance

AGFIF International is the first Swiss asset manager to bring the insights of behavioral finance to the client-advisory process and to asset-allocation decisions.

Due to our advantage, we were able to develop a tested investment model based on the database we built over 20 years, which helps us in volatile times to limit risks in a portfolio and anticipates opportunities due to irrational market movements.

Behavioural finance for private banking, Book by Thorsten Hens

We work closely with ‘Behavioral Finance Solutions’ (BhFS), a spinoff of the University of Zurich and St. Gallen. Founded in 2007, BhFS is led by one of our own advisors, noted economist Dr. Thorsten Hens.

If you have an interested in the topics of behavioral finance, we recommend the Book of Prof. Dr. Thorsten Hen’s “Behavioral finance for private banking” or any of his other >publications.

The well appreciated experience our customers made, are expressed in many compliments – that gives us strength and is the best daily motivation.

To find an advisor only represent my interests and act in a profit-oriented manner for me and not for his company is hard. With AGFIF I have found and felt always they truly represent only my interests - Unfortunately, I could not have this experience at any bank, but at AGFIF.

Dr. W. M.Zürich

Thank you for your dedicated approach and service in reviewing my portfolio with the (...) Bank and the optimization of my assets right after – I am astonished with the results.

R. L.Stuttgart

In addition to your personal commitment, I and my wife appreciated particularly the stringent implementation of our order, which met our requirements - many thanks to the AGFIF team.

Dr. L. B.Wien

Thank you so much for your unlimited support and above all, for your excellent analysis of our holdings in our portfolio and rebalance it well, with great growth results and earnings. Since we joined AGFIF 12 years ago we were able to outperform the market as well as our other advisor; two Banks. Your long time results convinced us completely.

M. ChBasel

Few times we changed the Bank and the advisor, but it is absolutely the first time our expectations were not only achieved but were bejond our expectation, again Thank you very much.

R. Bo.Luzern

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