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Participate in the first global equity strategy,
driven by behavioral insights.

Tracker Certificate on Behavioral Global Equity Index

The tracker certificate replicates AGFIF’s ‘Behavioral Global Equity Strategy’.

Name: Tracker Certificate on Behavioral Global Equity Index.
Open End; issued in CHF; listed on SIX Swiss Exchange:

ISIN CH1129860354 | Swiss Security Number 112986035 | SIX Symbol UYHLTQ  | German WKN: A33EG6

The tracker certificate (AMC) tracks the price movements of the underlying in accordance with the above strategy.

The basics of the strategy can be found in the following description

> Fundamentals of the strategy

The admission basis and suitability check for the investors, has to be done by accessing over the issuing company Leonteq, to which we refer with the following link:

> To the issuer Leonteq webpage and the tracker certificate

All relevant information about the Tracker Certificate you find here:

Introduction - Tracker-Certificate “Behavioral Global Equity”

By investing in the tracker certificate, the investor diversifies his risk across a large number of individual stocks, in line with AGFIF's proven Behavioral Global Equity strategy.

Dr. Eugen Perger, Economist and Portfolio Manager

The tracker certificate on AGFIF’s “Behavioral Global Equity” index replicates the performance of AGFIF’s ‘Behavioral Global Equity Strategy’ one-to-one. The tracker certificate is basically suitable if the investor expects rising prices, does not want to trade in individual equities and would like to diversify his risk for long-term asset planning.

This is a dynamic portfolio of various global equities, traded on the world’s major stock exchanges.

By investing in this tracker certificate, the investor diversifies his risk across a variety of individual stocks according to the proven AGFIF Global Equity strategy, combined with the support of an algorithm based on a set of rules derived from calculations and experience of behavioral patterns. This approach, developed over decades by our investment committee and additional economists, was then put into practice by AGFIF over a longer period of time and was able to prove its effectiveness especially in complex and difficult market situations – this strategy is particularly effective in long-term asset allocation.

Maik Loosli und Patrick Chmilewski bei AGFIF
Anton Meyer, Eugen Perger bei Arbeit, at the Desk at AGFIF
With the 'Global Behavioral Equity Certificate' you are sailing in the same boat with us

Tracker certificates allow investors to invest easily and cost-effectively in an entire stock market without actually having to buy the individual stocks. In addition, the aforementioned tracker certificate provides access to AGFIF's proven "Global Behavioral Strategy". Together with AGFIF's global "Behavioral Equity Strategy" - driven by the symbiosis between fundamental and behavioral science insights - investors can thus participate in the price performance of selected, international equity stocks and invest their money in strategies and markets that they would otherwise not reach in this constellation.