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Getting to know each other comes first, followed by personal and individual advice

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” This famous quote attributed to Henry Ford (1863-1947)

Henry Ford
Anton Meyer und M.Hlinka im Gespraech AGFIF
Daniel Gonzalez im Gespräch mit Hermann Rubi AGFIF International AG

We listen to you

Your personal relationship manager as well as our portfolio managers take great time in communication with you first to understand and get to know you well, find out your objectives and needs – Communication is therefore important to us.
Trying to understand the Customer's objectives first

“To connect an investor with his best investment solution, it is necessary to first determine how he experiences risk. This is one of the central purposes of Behavioural Finance.”

– Prof. Dr. Thorsten Hens

We try to understand the customer’s objective in a neutral and objective way in order to build up the perfect portfolio tailored to his needs.

Investment strategy and our investment proposal

Your personal investment strategy and our investment proposal result results in your personal investment strategy and our investment proposal.
This shows how your assets should be invested according to the investment types, industries and regions as well as in which currencies and in what availability.

Our Guideline

You shouldn't tie yourself to any financial products.

It is our duty to identify and offer you the best investment opportunities and ideas available on the market. We can do this successfully because we do not have our own financial products and are therefore not exposed to any conflicts of interest.

Typical meeting of our investment committee

We listen to the market

We similarly use a structured methodology for evaluating and selecting investment opportunities for our clients. We look for opportunities directly in the building blocks of the market, not in artificial products built up of these building blocks. For you we avoid these costly products, and build an individualized portfolio with the same underlying building blocks. This way we additionally side step the issuer risk that are inherent to artificial products.

We care to select investments that are successful and sustainable in the long run, not investments boasted in today’s media. We believe that the quality of a company lies not only on its technical description, but also in its more qualitative characteristics. We utilize a responsible investment approach by including economic, social, and environmental factors in a company’s analysis, recognizing their impact on sustainable growth. Our research team is constantly generating macroeconomic forecasts and investment scenarios. In this way we combine fundamental, technical, and qualitative analysis to determine the long term potential of investment opportunities.

What are the key questions?

What factors determine market behavior?

What are the risks versus what are the opportunities?

Our Philosophy

You shouldn't suggest anything that you wouldn't do yourself.

Winning Investment Strategy only

We strive to select investments that are long-term successful and sustainable and do not follow what is currently advertised and promoted by the media. We are convinced that the quality of a company is not only evident from the technical data, but also from its qualitative perspectives.

Since we recognize the influence of economic, social and environmental impacts and factors on the sustainable growth of a company, we use a responsible approach that incorporates these factors into a company analysis. Our financial analysts continuously develop macroeconomic forecasts and investment scenarios to combine basic technical and qualitative analyzes in order to determine the long-term potential of possible investments.

Prof. Dr. Thorsten Hens and Dr. Eugen Perger AGFIF

Get a second opinion, without obligation, truly unbiased and completly free of cost.

AGFIF uncover Risks in a Second Opinion

What all you get in our Check up

What is the Value add you get using AGFIF’s Portfolio Checkup:

  • We check your sector and fixed income diversification and equity concentration.
  • We check the ratings of your stocks, bonds or mutual funds.
  • We create a PDF report on-demand, when it is convenient for you.
  • We check your portfolio’s performance, risk-and-return analysis, and conduct an asset class performance.
  • Learn how your portfolio’s returns compare to market benchmarks over time.
  • Get the information you need to help keep your portfolio on track.

Historical sample reports are provided for illustrative purposes only. The securities and the investment products shown in the sample reports are not intended to represent a specific recommendation, nor should they be viewed as investment advice. Before investing in any product, you should consider consulting your financial and tax advisors to help structure a plan best suited to your individual situation.

Tailor-made solutions are the decisive advantage if you trust us.

We avoid artificial financial products and instead put together a personal investment portfolio that is composed directly of the components of the market, such as stocks or bonds without unnecessary costs via artificial financial products.