Our commitment to superior client services is born of experience and passion.

Our customers expect thorough communication and impeccable attention to detail. Our portfolio managers expect the same of themselves, and are committed to delivering highly tailored financial services to each client.

Together, our wealth management team has well over 100 years of experience delivering the results our clients expect and deserve. As our clients’ assets have grown, so has our clientele.

Anton Meyer (VR) AGFIF International AG
Chairman of the Board of Directors at AGFIF

Anton Meyer

Anton Meyer has extensive professional experience in finance and accounting, which also bring significant benefits to customers.
In addition, Anton Meyer also deals with special tasks related to compliance issues, with corporate governance rules or compliance guidelines.
Anton Meyer held various positions in reputable Swiss companies, among a close assistant position with the former President of the Swiss Confederation, and Finance Minister of Switzerland. Anton Meyer is an accounting expert.
Prof. Bernd Schips
Emeritus Professor for Economics at ETH Zurich

Bernd Schips

Prof. em. Dr. rer. pol.Bernd Schips served as Full Professor of Economics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH) and was Head of the Swiss Institute of Business Cycle Research at the ETH Zurich (The Swiss Institute for Business Cycle Research – KOF – produces one of the most widely respected Swiss economic forecasts).
He serves as Member of Scientific Advisory Council at Zentrum für Europäische Wirtschaftsforschung GmbH and serves as a Member of the Investment Advisory Board at AGFIF.
Bernd Schips studierte an den Universitäten Karlsruhe, Tübingen und Bochum und promovierte 1967 (Dr. rer. pol.). Seine Habilitation (Venia legendi für Wirtschaftstheorie und Ökonometrie) erfolgte 1970. 1971 nahm Bernd Schips die Vertretung einer Professur für Mathematische Wirtschaftstheorie an der Universität Saarbrücken wahr. Es folgten eine Professur für Ökonometrie an der Universität Bochum von 1972-1974 und ebenfalls eine Professur für Ökonometrie an der Universität St. Gallen (HSG) von 1974-1992. 1979-1981 war er Dekan der Volkswirtschaftlichen Abteilung der HSG. 1993-2005 folgte die Professur für Nationalökonomie an der ETH Zürich, wo er 1995-1997 auch als Vorsteher des Departements für Recht und Ökonomie tätig war. Von 1992-2005 war Bernd Schips Leiter der Konjunkturforschungsstelle der ETH Zürich (KOF).
Prof. Thorsten Hens
Professor of Financial Market Economics at the Swiss Banking Institute of the University of Zurich

Thorsten Hens

Thorsten Hens is the SFI Professor of Financial Market Economics at the Swiss Banking Institute of the University of Zurich. He is an author of several books, among them the book published in 2010 “Behavioral Finance for Private Banking “. In addition, Prof. Hens is active as advisor of the pension fund of the city of Zurich and part of an exclusive group of scientific advisors of AGFIF and a leading scientist in Behavioral Finance and Neuro Finance to provide the Management Board with expert advice on performing its duties at AGFIF.
Mojmir Hlinka CEO der AGFIF International AG
Eidg. dipl. Finance and investment expert AZEK

Mojmir Hlinka

CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and Head of Investment Committee at AGFIF

Mojmir Hlinka is a Member of various Asset Management Associations among Swiss Financial Analysts Association SFAA.
Mojmir Hlinka, holds a Federal diploma for expert in finance and investments/CIWM. Mr. Hlinka is the Managing Director and Head of the AGFIF Asset Allocation Team where he is responsible for the overall business of AGFIF. Together with his team, Mojmir Hlinka he is in charge of the daily asset allocation of equities, fixed income markets and in macroeconomics and has a long history of working closely with Prof. Schips und Prof. Hens, and had enhanced the overall return in portfolios based on some of the academic theories they successfully in volatile markets implemented.

Mojmir Hlinka is a Member of various Asset Management Associations among pfeilSwiss Financial Analysts Association SFAA.

Dr. Eugen Perger Anlageausschuss der AGFIF International AG
Economists at the University of Zurich

Eugen Perger

Eugen Perger, holds a PhD in Economics (Dr.oec. publ.) from the University of Zurich and is responsible for the Asset Allocation and Portfolio Management. He is also a well regarded senior equity analyst (buy and sell side).

Eugen Perger has more than 20 years experience in Banking; as a fund manager in major Banks as well as positions in various Swiss bank’s asset allocation Team, among being a Member of the reputable Asset Management Comitee of the American International Group (AIG) Bank in Switzerland and Credit Suisse.

Eugen is mainly in charge of AGFIF's Research (Primary Research). His research interests include asset pricing and market efficiency and stock valuation, among behavioral finance and market efficiency. Dr. Perger conducts a specific in-depth market research to support AGFIF’s investment strategies. He is also AGFIF's lead portfolio manager for selected active equity portfolios.

Dr. Perger regularly writes well regarded reviews about known companies, mostly Swiss Equities.

Rubi Hermann AGFIF International AG
Senior Researcher

Hermann Rubi

Hermann Rubi - Senior Consultant.

Hermann Rubi has built a strong mutually beneficial working relationship with AGFIF's clients for more than 15 years. Hermann Rubi's primary responsibilities include client service and consultant relations to AGFIF's clients. In this role, he works closely with our Portfolio Managers on the investment process, as well as assist the Management in the client portfolio oversight and implementation. Prior joining AGFIF Internatinal Hermann Rubi worked already with international clients in both the Discretionary and Advisory teams. Also he carries out all administrative related tasks required in regards of customer inquiries, and report to the portfolio management.

Professor für Mathematik an der Universität St. Gallen.

Enrico De Giorgi

Enrico De Giorgi

Enrico De Giorgi ist Ordinarius für Mathematik an der School of Economics and Political Science der HSG. Er hat einen MS in Mathematik der Eidgenössischen Technischen Hochschule Zürich und einen Doktortitel in Wirtschaftswissenschaften der Universität Zürich. Seine Forschungsinteressen sind Entscheidungsanalyse, Behavioral Finance und Risikotheorie. Derzeit ist er Associate Editor von Mathematics and Financial Economics und Decisions in Economics and Finance. Außerdem ist er Gründungspartner der Behavioral Finance Solutions GmbH und im Beirat bzw. Investment Committee der AGFIF.
Daniel Gonzalez AGFIF International AG
Senior Relationship Manager

Daniel Gonzalez

Daniel Gonzalez was in charge among various financial Institutions in the area of guaranteed securities and structured bonds and gained a profound knowledge in the Latin Equity Market.
Daniel Gonzalez was able to collect priceless experience in a number of transactions in very volatile market situations - ultimately to the benefit of the clients. Ever since he is using this valuable experience to handle volatile Markets to the benefit of our clients with focus of asset preservation.
Before joining AGFIF, Daniel Gonzalez worked for many years in the back office at major Swiss financial institutions and service providers.
Patrick Chmilewski AGFIF International AG
Office Clerk, Assistant

Patrick Chmilewski

Patrick Chmilewski is a regular office clerk at AGFIF and work in the company's back office.
Patrick carries out routine work related to the everyday customers' inquiries and provide basic information, mostly by telephone.
Daniel Buser AGFIF International AG
Junior Researcher

Daniel Buser

Daniel Buser has worked for many years in customer service centers in the financial sector as well, after completing his commercial trainings. With his distinctive thinking, he supports customers in all regards about their concern and inquiries.

Daniel Buser is in charge to assist AGFIF's clients with their daily inquiries, regarding questions such as about their portfolio structure and developement r questions about the performance-reports among other crucial information the client may have.

By his helpful nature and commitment, Daniel is very well respected by all of our customers.

Maik Loosli AGFIF International AG
Junior Researcher

Maik Loosli

Maik Loosli supports the team as an assistant and junior researcher in all organizational and administrative matters relating to customer service.Maik Loosli joined AGFIF 11 years ago as an Junior Consultant. As a member of our Relationship Management Team, Maik Loosli works closely with our other Relationship Managers and our Portfolio Managers as well. Maik Loosli makes sure that the asset allocationi are align with each client’s requirements.

Maik Loosli stated: "As a child, I always wanted to be an astronaut." - Now Maik is helping customers to experience to 'fly high' in experience and excitment about the service they receive and the returns they achieve.

…. and we have additional Team Member
AGFIF’s wealth management division consists of an in-house team of specialists and a wide network of financial specialists who support our portfolio management services with valuable equity research and analysis.

This approach offers our customers the personalized attention of a dedicated portfolio manager, together with the insights made possible by a global research and analysis network.

Die guten Erfahrungen der Kunden durch ihre vielen Komplimente, geben uns Kraft und sind unsere tägliche Motivation.

Wer ausser dem Fachwissen zu besitzen auch keinen Interessenkonflikten ausgesetzt ist, kann sich unvoreingenommen mit den Finanzmärkten beschäftigen, und nur meine Interessen vertreten und gewinnorientiert agieren - Diese Erfahrung konnte ich leider bei keiner Bank, jedoch bei AGFIF machen.

Dr. W. M.Zürich

Herzlichen Dank für Ihren engagierten Einsatz bei der Überarbeitung meines Wertpapierdepots bei der (…) Bank und die Optimierung meiner Vermögenswerte.

R. L.Stuttgart

Besonders geschätzt habe ich und meine Frau, neben Ihrem persönlichen Einsatz, die stringente Umsetzung unseres Analyseauftrages, mit welcher unsere Vorgaben entsprochen wurden - Vielen Dank an das Team der AGFIF.

Dr. L. B.Wien

Wir bedanken uns für Ihre bisherige Unterstützung und vor allem für die hervorragende Analyse unseres Portfolios mit den nun vorliegenden tollen Ergebnissen, die uns restlos überzeugen konnten.

M. ChBasel

Schon öfters haben wir die beratende Bank gewechselt und es ist aber absolut das erste Mal, dass unsere Erwartungen nicht nur erzielt sondern übertroffen werden konnten, nochmals Kompliment an Sie.

R. Bo.Luzern